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Our Snow Palette Cutie Playmat is the ‘little sister’ to our Snow Palette playmat. It has 3 folds instead of 4, and it is lightweight, foldable and easy to carry and follow the child, wherever the play takes place.

The Cutie playmat gives your child the perfect place to crawl, roll, play, jump and have fun. It has all the benefits of a chock absorbing foam playmat, while being free of all hazardous chemicals.

All Snow Palette Cutie playmats are designed in as a 3-colour combination mat. Either Grey/Cream/Blue, Grey/Cream/Pink or Grey/Cream/Yellow. They are reversible like our other mats, and the back is grey. 

        What makes this product special?

        • 4 cm thick padding - highly dense and firm, and provides great shock absorption and floor noise reduction
        • Can be folded and used as a step, a sofa or a small table
        • Water resistant surface for easy wipe clean
        • Light weight and folds up for easy storage
        • Reversible - 3 colours (grey, yellow and cream) on the upper side and cream coloured on the other side

        Cream Haus

        Safety Features

        • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified - both the cover and the foam inside
        • Extra thick non-toxic PE foam for great shock absorption
        • No offgassing: Free of phthalates, PVC, BPA, EVA, formamide, formaldehyde, lead, fire retardants, and other VOC's
        • Hypoallergenic
        • 7-step washing & steaming process to make the surface clean and soft

        3 colour variants

        Our Snow Palette playmat is reversible and comes in 3 different colour variants

        The smallest of them all

        The Snow Palette Cutie playmat comes only in 1 size: 100 x 180 cm. All of our playmats are 4 cm thick, to ensure the optimal padding to ensure sufficient shock absorption. If you are looking for a larger, foldable playmat, have a look at our Snow Palette Playmat or Snow Palette Free Playmat

        All our mats are non-toxic

        We believe that play should be fun and safe, and that harmful chemicals do not belong in kids’ playrooms. 

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