Creamy Play Rug - Safari


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Learning through playing
Gross motor skills
Fine motor skills
Multi-functional Use


The Creamy Play Rug is a play rug in a soft microfiber fabric – comfortable to play on  – and easy to wash in the washing machine if needed.

The rug comes in 2 different sizes and 3 different motives – appealing to both boys and girls.

      What makes this product special?

      • Soft microfiber fabric 
      • Cotton trim
      • Size: 110 x 155 cm or 140 x 200 cm
      • Village: Enjoy the streets and city landscape.
      • Safari: Enjoy the wild animals along the safari track
      • Castle: Many hours of play - like a 3-dimensional castle for the prince or princess
      Cream Haus

      Safety Features

      • Material: Microfiber – Polyester without harmful chemicals
      • Clean silicone ”dots” underneath to ensure that the rug does not slide on the floor
      • Silicone dots (to avoid PVC) underneath, to make it less slippery

      3 different themes

      Our Creamy Play Rug is reversible and comes in 3 different colour themes: Castle, Village and Safari.

      2 sizes

      The Creamy Play Rugs come in 2 sizes: 110 x 155 cm and 140 x 200 cm. 

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