Product Safety

Foam is not just foam…

Foam can be produced using many different technologies and materials. No matter whether you choose our products or any other brand, it is worthwhile paying attention to the material you and your loved ones are surrounded by.

Questions worth asking:

Do you know which substances your foam products are made of? Do you know how they are produced? Does your foam product has a strong smell? Does it have a chemical odoeur?

CreamHaus only uses closed cell non-cross linked PE (polyethylene) foam. By chosing a quality which is also used and approved for food packaging – we use a foam that is not only nice to touch, it it without the bad smells and it is safe to be in close contact with. In other words, we feel comfortable that our own kids play on mats made of this.

To achieve the shock-absorping quality, 10 thin layers of foam sheets are laminated together. This is done through a chemical-free adhesive method to achieve optimal safety and play quality.

Why are a number of chemical substances problematic in toys and equipment for babies and toddlers?

Children are more vulnerable towards chemical substances than adults and as they often experience products by licking, tasting, or even chewing on them, they become even more exposed of the hazardous materials, which might be present in the products. A number of substances are allowed according to European safety standards, as long as they do not exceed as set of predefined limits. However, the cocktail effect of a number of substances may be harmful to the health of children or at best not desired as their effect is not fully documented.

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